How To Play The Android Easter Egg Game

The team over at Google has done a great labor of love building Android into the powerhouse it is today, and part of that labor is hiding a simple Flappy Bird-style game as an Android Easter egg in the code. If you’re like me and don’t keep games on your phone, it’s a cinch to access in a boredom emergency–if you know how!

To access the Android Easter egg, access the settings screen by puling the notification shade down and tapping the cog icon in the top right corner. Scroll down to “About phone” and give it a tap. On the About phone screen, find the section for Android version and start tapping repeatedly. About 5 taps and you’ll get a strange icon on your screen.

Android Easter egg splash iconTap then long-press the “M” icon to get a marshmallow icon. Repeat this a few times to start the game.

screenshot_20160930-222614It’s rather difficult, but if you find yourself getting good, you can always add more Androids.

screenshot_20160930-222754Yeah, good luck with that….

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