Remote Desktop Access With TeamViewer

In my line, I do a lot of work on multiple computers and I usually need to access one or more of them remotely. This is usually quite easy when working with two computers using the same operating system environment, but becomes rather tricky when mixing OSes. SSH access is great for running applications in Linux, but becomes a pain when you need to run applications in the shell or if you need to multitask. This is where TeamViewer comes in handy.

TeamViewer is a simple peer-to-peer remote desktop access software suite that is easy to setup and–most importantly–cross-platform! TeamViewer provides secure access to a remote machine across a home network or anywhere in the world through the World Wide Web. You can run applications and perform any level of maintenance just as if you were sitting at the computer yourself. Everything runs in a dedicated window so there’s no getting lost. You can even use TeamViewer for online meetings and file sharing without need for a separate FTP setup!

TeamViewer client and server modules.

Did I mention it’s free?

TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use, so it’s perfect for maintaining a remote machine on the home network or performing maintenance on your parents’ computer from across the country!

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