Scholarship Essay (circa 2009)

As a child, I always wanted to fly, but spent my entire life being told about how I would never be able to because of my poor eyesight.  In 2006, however, after changing majors several times and having little to show for my college career, I began studies at a private helicopter flight school that just opened at McCollum Airport in Kennesaw, Ga.  Through hard work and dedication, I quickly rose to the top of the class of some 60 students.  I was the first student to achieve most of the milestones encountered in aviation training–solo, cross-country flight, even being amongst the first to get my private rating.  I was offered an opportunity to begin teaching private ground school when I earned my ground instructor rating, effectively putting me at school–either flying, studying, or teaching–from before dawn to well-after dark.  This all came to a sudden, abrupt halt in 2008 when the company operating the school shut down leaving me and hundreds of other students in the dark.

Depression soon set in, and I began to wonder if I would ever be able to fly professionally.  After some research, I was able to find Middle Georgia College’s helicopter flight program, and I positioned myself to begin attendance as soon as possible:  that summer.  Once I began classes, I was elated.  I was once-again flying, and I was working toward a college degree that meant something to me.  I sacrificed everything I had to come to school at Middle Georgia College–losing a house that I owned, leaving family and friends, and even being turned away by my then-fiancée.  It was at that point that I dedicated myself to excelling in everything I was to do at MGC.  I began studying profusely, taking on as many challenges as I could.  I pulled together a group to bring the Alpha Eta Rho International Aviation Fraternity, a professional organization with over 45,000 alumni in various fields surrounding aviation, to this school.  I am also gathering information regarding other aviation professional-academic societies to make them aware of the programs offered at Middle Georgia College–not only to bolster my own professional career, but also to improve the chances that my classmates and future students will have every opportunity available to them to succeed.

It is for these reasons–my tenacity, my academic prowess, and my quest for collegiate improvement–that I feel that I should be considered for this scholarship.

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