Sign Electronic Documents with Autograph for Mac

Ever get a document emailed to you that you need to sign and return? This usually involves printing the document, then signing it, then scanning it, then emailing it back. Now, with Autograph from Ten One Design, you can sign any document right from your computer using the trackpad!

pd_autograph_heroYes, I was skeptical at first, and I’m not sure I would pay the $7 license fee for something I won’t use terribly often, but the app does work. It works quite well, in fact!

It lives up in your menubar as a stylized “A” icon. Click it, and you will be prompted to “Autograph now” which brings up a small window–indicative of your trackpad–and traces your movements across the pad. Hit enter after scribbling and your signature will be pasted into your document as an image.

It’s convenient if you have a lot of electronic papers that you have to sign–or if you don’t want to go through the print-sign-scan dance–but for most folks, I don’t think it’ll be worth the $7 price tag.

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