Stream Of Consciousness At 38,000 Feet

Author’s Note:  This was written during my latest flight from LAX to ATL the morning of September 7, 2011.

By my best estimates (I know neither my ground speed, nor my heading), I’m somewhere over Colorado at FL380.  That part isn’t terribly important, though.  I took the liberty of taking out my lappy just for something more active than reading my book.  Anyway, so I’m doing a little half-assed Photoshop job and listening to Sirius Laugh USA, and I recognized the opening bars of a familiar ditty.  So, I was immediately taken to a place in my childhood when I suddenly remembered not only the tune, but the lyrics to Schoolhouse Rock’s “Interjections!” and immediately let my fellow passengers know about it.  Much to their surprise.

Well, not really, but I did manage to enjoy some Schoolhouse Rocks on this otherwise uneventful AirTran flight.  Speaking of which, my (hilariously gay) coworker–who, mind you, prides himself as a seasoned traveler–has, apparently, never heard of AirTran Airways.  I say this because he said that he had never heard of AirTran Airways, and because he was extremely excited about the potential flight attendants.

“Go, there’s nothing stopping you”

Okay, so flying on AirTran, and I gotta say that it’s better this time than the last time I flew this route.  I have money now, well, I have SOME money now…OKAY, well, I have a JOB now…so I sprung the extra $20 for some legroom on the exit row.  Quite possibly the best Jackson I’ve ever spent.


The last time I flew AirTran, it was certainly akin to the “Cattle Car” airways that their new parent brand is infamous for:  cramped, uncomfortable seating on overcrowded planes with minimal in-flight service.  This was not all that long ago.  Spring break.  2011.  The plane looked like it was a refugee from the 1970’s with its yellowed plastic trim and vinyl seat cushions.  “Newest fleet?”  I think the one I was riding to LAX in March was leftover from the ValueJet days.  (Glad it didn’t explode….)

AirTran is a different animal now.  At least on this plane.  In-flight Internet for twelve bucks (which is still above my price point–I’ll pay extra for some more room, but I can’t bring myself to pay for connectivity in the sky.  The seats are comfy…


…I know, I’m writing this as if I were taking dictation from Up‘s Doug.  I’m a little distracted from having been “awake” since 0500 Pacific.  I think it might be time to go back to the novelization of Rise of The Planet of The Apes, also known as Dark Inheritance by Michael & Kathleen Gear.

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