Summer of 100 Photos, Day 26: Something that means a lot to you

When it comes to charitable causes, this one is mine. I have long been a proponent of adopting homeless pets since I worked in a pet shop at the mall years ago. I saw first-hand how pet store animals are treated, and did everything I could to make their miserable lives somewhat better. Going into work every day broke my heart, and I vowed to never buy a “purebred” animal. Both of my cats that I used to love were adoptees and both of my little dogs now are adoptees.

People who shop for pets will never know the heartbreak that comes from seeing so many loving animals without a home, constantly in danger of being put down for no reason other than the fact that some person was too foolish or too arrogant to care for them. They’ll also never know the sheer joy that comes from a shelter pet when they finally get to their forever home (just ask Remy and Zoë).

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