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Ultra Tide: “Soccer” (circa 1992)

Before “soccer mom” was a pejorative, there were the detergent commercials.

Tillman & Associates: “You Don’t Have To Settle For Less” (circa 1992)

That jingle, though!

Tom Jumper Chevrolet (Atlanta): “Safe Until July” (circa 1992)

After the 1991 “Cinderella Season” for the Atlanta Braves, every local business suddenly caught Braves Baseball Fever and tried to tie them in to promotions in every conceivable way.

CBS Top Cops (circa 1993)

Does anyone remember this show? Seems like it was a follow-up to the wildly popular “Rescue 911” and CBS’s answer to Fox’s “COPS”

United Way: “Listen” (circa 1992)

When government welfare programs don’t get funding, the United Way is there?

Introducing Vienetta (circa 1992)

How do you make convenience store ice cream treats appealing to nouveau riche yuppies recently escaped to the suburbs? Put it in a champagne coupe!

Visa: “Tropical Island” (circa 1993)

Oh, the grand days of cross-promotional marketing! This exhibit from 1993 does more to show off Carnival Cruises than the benefits of a Visa card…or does it? (Because Carnival “doesn’t take American Express”)

Myron Dwoskins Wallpaper Atlanta Merger Advert (circa 1992)

Remember when you would go to certain dedicated brick-and-mortar stores to purchase specialized merchandise like wallpaper? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Apparently Dwoskins is still in business in Duluth, GA as of Q3 2020.

Wal-Mart: “Fishing” (circa 1993)

In a bid to advertise the burgeoning retail behemoth as a more “wholesome” and “human” store, Walmart ran a series of ads highlighting interactions between associates and regular customers in what may be the cheesiest corporate nonsense ever to come out of Bentonville, Arkansas.

Quality Records: The Wedding Album (circa 1992)

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love these mail-order compilation album advertisements. Something about them just bring me back to those quiet late nights as a kid.