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United Way: “Listen” (circa 1992)

When government welfare programs don’t get funding, the United Way is there?

Viacom Ident (circa 1992)

I think this was the “friendlier” replacement for the “V of Doom” (which I kinda preferred)

Introducing Vienetta (circa 1992)

How do you make convenience store ice cream treats appealing to nouveau riche yuppies recently escaped to the suburbs? Put it in a champagne coupe!

Visa: “Tropical Island” (circa 1993)

Oh, the grand days of cross-promotional marketing! This exhibit from 1993 does more to show off Carnival Cruises than the benefits of a Visa card…or does it? (Because Carnival “doesn’t take American Express”)

Wal-Mart: “Fishing” (circa 1993)

In a bid to advertise the burgeoning retail behemoth as a more “wholesome” and “human” store, Walmart ran a series of ads highlighting interactions between associates and regular customers in what may be the cheesiest corporate nonsense ever to come out of Bentonville, Arkansas.

Quality Records: The Wedding Album (circa 1992)

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love these mail-order compilation album advertisements. Something about them just bring me back to those quiet late nights as a kid.

Whiskas “No More Birds” (circa 1993)

So many riffs on George H.W. Bush’s famous “Read My Lips” speech. This one is among the oddest.

White House “Sip ‘n Snack” (circa 1992)

Perfect for suburban kids’ sport practices or homework sessions, it’s a packaged combination of White House apple juice and Cheetos-style snacks. With a catchy jingle that touts the product’s supposed healthful qualities, it’s close to the pinnacle of pre-9/11 American society.

Light ‘n’ Lively Yogurt: “Ask The Experts” (circa 1992)

Nothing sells products better than kids reciting scripted responses to a celebrity swimsuit model!

The National Recovery Institutes Group (circa 1992)

I wonder if attitudes have changed or just the way people seek recovery from addiction has changed, but I don’t seem to recall seeing commercials advertising addiction recovery centers lately. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen one in at least 25 years!