1st American Rental: “Laundromat” (circa 1989)

Nobody likes to waste money at the laundry. Thanks to 1st American Rental, nobody has to! Get a brand-new Magic Chef washer from just $16.95 a week!

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Post Oat Flakes: Feel Your Oats

I’m not sure if I remember Post Oat Flakes cereal, but I’m sure a few people out there have felt their oats!

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The Real Yellow Pages “Same Day Service” (circa 1989)

Once upon a time, children, we didn’t have the collected knowledge of all mankind available on demand from tiny computers in our pockets. If we needed to find information about a local business, we had to look them up. In a book.

Introducing Wendy’s New Super Value Menu! (Circa 1989)

Man, I miss the $1.00ish fast food value menus! At least Del Taco is still rocking a full meal for under $5!

Also witness the birth of the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger!

Uptons Anniversary Sale (circa 1989)

Before Kohl’s, Uptons was the neighborhood department store in the suburban South.

United Artists Ident Card (circa 1980s)

Some people might call this one of the scariest production ident cards in history, and I could see how that would happen. It’s got creepy music and an overall dark vibe. I still like it because it reminds me of the Timothy Dalton James Bond films!

TBS: “Two Nights of Walking Tall” (circa 1989)

TBS built its media empire on the MGM and WB back catalogues. It seemed that they showed a movie several times per day, saving the best programming for their mid-week late slots to grab viewers from The Networks.

Trident: “Telltale signs” (circa 1989)

Millions of teeth can’t be wrong?