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Tylenol: “Tests” (circa 1993)

Lots of diagnostics at the hospital giving you a headache? Ask the doctor for some Tylenol!

Tylenol: “Arthritis Pain” (circa 1993)

Before everyone was addicted to opioids for pain relief, Tylenol wanted to let everyone know that doctors often just prescribe it for minor aches and pains associated with arthritis.

Viacom Ident (circa 1992)

I think this was the “friendlier” replacement for the “V of Doom” (which I kinda preferred)

White House “Sip ‘n Snack” (circa 1992)

Perfect for suburban kids’ sport practices or homework sessions, it’s a packaged combination of White House apple juice and Cheetos-style snacks. With a catchy jingle that touts the product’s supposed healthful qualities, it’s close to the pinnacle of pre-9/11 American society.

Light ‘n’ Lively Yogurt: “Ask The Experts” (circa 1992)

Nothing sells products better than kids reciting scripted responses to a celebrity swimsuit model!