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The Money Store: “1-800-Loan-Yes” (circa 1988)

Look! It’s the new toll-free phone number for The Money Store! Quick get your second mortgage now from that conveniently-placed pay phone!

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Georgia Federal: “Putting Real Life Into Banking” (circa 1988)

Remember Georgia Federal before it was bought up by wave after wave of consolidations in the late 1990s?

Whatever happened to the small, local bank?

First Atlanta Bank: “Hacked Off” (circa 1988)

Remember small local banks before they were bought up in the consolidation era of the 1990s? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Decatur Federal: “The Family Bank” (circa 1992)

The Old Man explains why having a good bank is important to financial security and a happy life. Too bad his bank was bought out by a bad bank.