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30 Day Song Challenge, Day 30: A song that reminds you of yourself

Living the dream, indeed!

Since I was a kid–whether it was the influence of TV shows like “CHiP’s” and Saved By The Bell, Silicon Valley’s tech scene, or bands like The Beach Boys and nearly every 3rd-wave ska group from Orange County–I’ve had a romantic infatuation with the Golden State. Apparently, I’m not alone. In fact, since the 1850s, Americans (and foreigners, alike) have looked at the West Coast with a pioneer spirit. After visiting Los Angeles for the first time in 2008, I made it my mission to eventually move here. For me, “Go west, young man, and seek your fortune” was more than a historical metaphor, it was an imperative–a directive. This classic by The Mamas and The Papas (and covered innumerable times since its original recording) serves as a metaphor for my own young adult life: The literal grey skies and the brown leaves of a Georgia winter or the more metaphorical condition of my life in my mid-20s.

EJ & Beth’s Wedding in Morgan Hill, CA

To celebrate the union of my “little brother” Eric, The Barbie and I took the doggos on a little weekend trip to the southern tip of Silicon Valley and the wine country town of Morgan Hill, California. Naturally, we found a few vintners to sample and surprisingly many of them were quite dog friendly!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 98: Something of your favorite color


Pacific blue.

Dancing to “Thriller” at Sgt. Pepper’s

A few sheets to the wind at a dueling pianos bar, Atari was invited to come on stage and celebrate Halloween by dancing to Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller”. The results were…interesting.

“In This Fleeting Moment” sculpture in Laguna Beach, CA



An Instance at Griffith Observatory


Summer of 100 Photos, Day 62: The last place to which you traveled

IMG_20160508_132422776McWay Falls, Big Sur, California. One of the handful of places we stopped on a weekend tour of the central coast. Phenomenal scenery and a helluva drive!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 49: Where you live

Orange County, California.

Okay, so technically, this is Huntington Beach, but it is in Orange County, and it’s just down the street, so there.

Beer by the beach


A Road Trip Through California’s Central Coast

San Luis Obispo to Monterey and Santa Cruz via Highway 1. Next time, I’m taking Betty through Big Sur!

20160609234056-75bed98f-meA Road Trip Through California’s Central Coast