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The Mystery of California’s High Gas Prices

Like everything else, it’s not exactly a cut-and-dry answer. It’s an interesting look at all the percentages going into the price at the pump.

Californians pay billions more at the pump. The odd thing is that nobody knows exactly why.

Source: The Mystery of California’s High Gas Prices

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 98: Something of your favorite color


Pacific blue.

Dancing to “Thriller” at Sgt. Pepper’s

A few sheets to the wind at a dueling pianos bar, Atari was invited to come on stage and celebrate Halloween by dancing to Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller”. The results were…interesting.

“In This Fleeting Moment” sculpture in Laguna Beach, CA



An Instance at Griffith Observatory


Summer of 100 Photos, Day 62: The last place to which you traveled

IMG_20160508_132422776McWay Falls, Big Sur, California. One of the handful of places we stopped on a weekend tour of the central coast. Phenomenal scenery and a helluva drive!