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Getting Big Money Out Of Politics

Zephyr Treachout has written a scathing manifesto about the state of US politics, the dirty money floating around Washington, and the schism between the government and the governed. While I don’t necessarily agree with some of the details, the resolution is clear: the “personification” of corporate entities, the loopholes written into every law and regulation, and the concentration of money and power into the hands of a very few are destroying these United States, much like they were in the early part of last century:

In banking, energy, gas, cable, agriculture and search, we have a limited number of companies that have accumulated so much power they are acting as a kind of shadow government, controlling policy, vetoing laws before they can even be presented. Candidates refuse to stump about a cable-TV merger because they’re afraid to get shut out of MSNBC. They don’t take on big banks because big banks have become too big to fail, to jail and even to debate about policy.

I’ve noted how the state of American politics is calling for a new, strong leader. Teddy Roosevelt was that tenacious, no-nonsense bull-moose that raked the muck out of the media-industrial-political complex that gave rise to the most prosperous nation on earth 100 years ago. Who will rise to the occasion? Will anyone actually rise to the occasion? The next healer will have to come from the people, speak softly to the people, and carry a big stick against the government that has turned against its people.