Coast To Coast In Ten Minutes

Just a quick video concept project I threw together this week.  It’s comprised of recycled footage from The Great American Road Trip and set to some great road rock.

Honda: “The Competition’s Benchmark” (circa 1992)

Honda’s competition uses an extremely precise benchmark to judge their progress.

Hyundai: “Say Yes To Savings” (circa 1992)

Remember the Hyundai Excel, the entry-level Korean hatchback intended to compete with the Honda Civic? Remember when a new car cost under $10,000? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Spartan Lincoln-Mercury: “Don Jackson Talks About Honesty” (circa 1988)

The owner of an Atlanta-area Lincoln-Mercury dealership, talks about his business philosophy from the comfort of his favorite chair.

Jeep Cherokee: “Savings So Big” (circa 1989)

The original sport utility vehicle!

Midas: “Foreign Car Brakes” (circa 1992)

Remember when foreign cars were still “exotic” and you had to take your Toyota or even a Daewoo to a specialty mechanic? Midas didn’t care where the car came from!