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Midas: “Foreign Car Brakes” (circa 1992)

Remember when foreign cars were still “exotic” and you had to take your Toyota or even a Daewoo to a specialty mechanic? Midas didn’t care where the car came from!

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Jeep Cherokee: “Savings So Big” (circa 1989)

The original sport utility vehicle!

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Spartan Lincoln-Mercury: “Don Jackson Talks About Honesty” (circa 1988)

The owner of an Atlanta-area Lincoln-Mercury dealership, talks about his business philosophy from the comfort of his favorite chair.

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Hyundai: “Say Yes To Savings” (circa 1992)

Remember the Hyundai Excel, the entry-level Korean hatchback intended to compete with the Honda Civic? Remember when a new car cost under $10,000? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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Honda: “The Competition’s Benchmark” (circa 1992)

Honda’s competition uses an extremely precise benchmark to judge their progress.

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How LED Daytime Running Lights And LCD Instruments Are Making You Less Safe

I’ve even fallen for this myself (“The dash is illuminated and I can see beams in front of me. Obviously, my headlights are on!”). Modern car manufacturers are embracing technology at the expense of the engineer’s worst enemy: human factors.

The night, I’m told, is dark and full of terrors. That’s why we have lights on our cars. And while lighting is unquestionably better than it’s ever been, ironically, two pieces of relatively new lighting technology actually seem to be making things worse, visibility-wise, partially because they’re too good. Let me explain.

Source: How LED Daytime Running Lights And LCD Instruments Are Making You Less Safe

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​Thieving Teens Likely Used $17 Gadget To Break Into NYT Columnist’s Car

Bilton’s neighborhood had been enduring a streak of break-ins over the past few months, but there were no signs of forced entry. Last Monday, Bilton watched the process first-hand as he was working at his kitchen table and watched two kids walk up to his 2013 Prius, press a button on a “small black device” and opened the door to his car.

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