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A Trip to Warner Brothers Studios

So, my buddy Suraj (“Surge” to his friends) called me up shortly after my arrival in California wanting to know if I would like to attend a taping of Conan with him.  Who, honestly, could say no to that?

This is how I usually answer the phone when he calls.

Seriously, I’ve been in Los Angeles for about two weeks and I’m already going to see television stars…LIVE! IN PERSON! I must be living the dream!

Anyway, we loaded up his Mustang, and headed for Burbank–the homeland of some of my childhood heroes:

Well, I’ve already been to New York looking for turtles.

Honestly, I think I was far more excited about the remote possibility of seeing the Warners being chased around by Ralph the Guard than watching Conan O’Brien perform tell jokes and chat with other celebrities. That being the case, Animaniacs became the joke of the day–even so much addressing all security guards as “Ralph” and driving around listening to “Yakko’s World” while on a quest to find the water tower.  In all, I gotta say that everyone at the Warner lot was really cool, Conan O’Brien was as professional as always, and the Basic Cable Band are one of my new favourite groups (after watching them live, about 6 feet from their stand).  Cameras were prohibited inside the studios, but I managed to get a few fun snapshots around the area.

Gate 4 at Warner Brothers Studios circa 1990’s (left) and today (right). A tree has grown since the Animaniacs opening was shot.
Yep, there I am on basic cable. Of course, back in Atlanta, TBS is a broadcast station.

To finish, enjoy these clips from the July 21, 2011 Conan show:

Conan’s Monologue

This Hand Vagina Is Really Getting A Lot Of Work

Astronauts Dis Joe Biden

Ventriloquist Dummies React To Eden Wood

Super Dave’s Lips Freak Everybody Out

Lisa Kudrow Interview

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal Interview

And, as a special bonus: