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4 Reasons You Should Worry About ‘Ghostbusters 3’

Now I’m not one to be wrong or admit any fault of my own. But kicking aside the parade of times a Ghostbusters 3 was “super going to happen” in the last decade, one can’t shake off the lingering question these headlines create. What if — and this is a big if — but what if someone actually makes a Ghostbusters 3?

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Working for America’s Worst Company Is A Living Hell

Comcast customer service is so legendarily bad that hyperbole has become pretty much impossible. But why? If this entire massive corporation hates their own customers so much, why bother providing Internet service at all instead of, say, a cable that delivers an endless stream of spiders straight into our homes? Well, we decided to track down three members of Comcast’s customer service strike force, and discovered that this phenomenon is far more complicated and far stranger than we thought …

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6 Unshakable Beliefs You Develop Growing Up A Redneck

I still occasionally notice little things like this in my own experience, having grown up in what sometimes feels like a modern-day “Bundren family”. It’s still a wonder how “redneck” went from a pejorative to a badge of honour, mostly thanks to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

If you lived anywhere below Maryland and east of New Mexico in the year 2003, you could luckily count on redneck comedians to be your cultural spokesmen. In that time frame, they outnumbered cockroaches 4-to-1. But, as intricate and widespread as their messages of deer hunting, comical incest and dilapidated trucks were, they left out a few ways that growing up in the rural South changes your mindset.

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Why Everything You Believe About the ’90s Is Wrong

Whoomp there it is. There what is? My bad. Chill, home slice, because I am going to explain the situation — the ’90s were da bomb! Booya!

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