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Digging Through the Archives: “The Trip To Cumberland Isle”

In 5th grade, our class took a trip to the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia–part of an ecological study program and one of the highlights of my elementary years. Some time later, probably late 5th or early 6th grade, I took it upon myself to recount those days in a sort of travelogue. I believe that I was mostly just playing around with an early version of Microsoft Works, and–like most kids at the time–I probably had more fun digging for appropriate clip art and creating word art than I did actually writing the piece.

Also of note is evidence of my writing style. Granted, I admit that I probably didn’t put much effort into it, but I’ve never had much of a gift for flowery prose. I have always been more of a technical writer, having a knack for describing concrete details in a concise manner (one of my college TAs memorably described this to me once: “Matthew, you’re quite a minimalist, aren’t you? You’re a minimalist, but you’re anĀ essentialist, and that makes it work”).

The details are on point, even if the prose is lacking, but enjoy a little peek into my early writing with “The Trip to Cumberland Isle“.