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Does the TARDIS require a CAPTCHA to pilot?

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Ten by TWULF


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How Moffat Deals with Doctor Who Plot Holes

“We said the Doctor is half human? Uhhhh… no… we didn’t…” -Everyone at the BBC.

Source: How Moffat Deals with Doctor Who Plot Holes

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Christopher Eccleston suggests he fell out with Doctor Who bosses over accent

Personally, I think Eccleston was the perfect actor to take the role for when he did. He was an edgier, serious Doctor that held just enough playfulness to keep from being a downer. Deep down, though, you could tell he was a tortured soul that had seen a lot. Just how much would sadly not be answered until after his departure.

Also, being someone with an accent that is generally perceived as “intellectually inferior”, I can earnestly sympahise with his opinions on accent and intellect. Most folks forget that many of the men responsible for the Apollo missions spoke with a drawl and a twang.

Asked about his controversial departure from the programme, he told Radio Times: ‘I wanted to move him away from RP [received pronunciation] for the first time because we shouldn’t make a correlation between intellect and accent, although that still needs addressing.

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Happy TARDIS Day!

Ecclectic Method did a phenomenal megamix for the 50th anniversary last year! Enjoy it in all its splendor!

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David Tennant Explains “Doctor Who” To David Letterman

Appearing on The Late Show to promote the US adaptation of BBC’s Broadchurch, David asks David an extremely loaded question:

For godsakes, what do they know you from!?

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Craig Ferguson Talks Doctor Who With David Tennant

Who’s TARDIS is that!?

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