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30 Day Song Challenge, Day 1: A song you like with a color in the title

We’re going to start this new blogging challenge off strong with a brilliant piece from the progressive rock movement of the late 1970s!

No matter how “blue” I might get, this cut from Electric Light Orchestra never fails to pick up my mood. I had almost forgotten about it until watching a particularly odd episode of Doctor Who that centered around a young man and his friends attempting to track down the eponymous hero. The soundtrack to the episode featured Jeff Lynne’s musical endeavours quite prominently, even weaving “Mr. Blue Sky” into the narrative.

It’s a strange little episode, but the eternally happy notes of the tune have locked themselves firmly into my brain’s musical pantheon–a hero among songs–much like the rest of the entries in this series.

Does the TARDIS require a CAPTCHA to pilot?

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How Moffat Deals with Doctor Who Plot Holes

“We said the Doctor is half human? Uhhhh… no… we didn’t…” -Everyone at the BBC.

Source: How Moffat Deals with Doctor Who Plot Holes

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Happy TARDIS Day!

Ecclectic Method did a phenomenal megamix for the 50th anniversary last year! Enjoy it in all its splendor!

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David Tennant Explains “Doctor Who” To David Letterman

Appearing on The Late Show to promote the US adaptation of BBC’s Broadchurch, David asks David an extremely loaded question:

For godsakes, what do they know you from!?

Craig Ferguson Talks Doctor Who With David Tennant

Who’s TARDIS is that!?

The 8th Doctor is so 90s cool

The 8th Doctor is so 90s cool.

Suraj Sheth on Doctor Who


Suraj Sheth

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These Characters Are Part of the DLC Package

So, who’s up for game night at my place?