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Does the TARDIS require a CAPTCHA to pilot?

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How Moffat Deals with Doctor Who Plot Holes

“We said the Doctor is half human? Uhhhh… no… we didn’t…” -Everyone at the BBC.

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Christopher Eccleston suggests he fell out with Doctor Who bosses over accent

Personally, I think Eccleston was the perfect actor to take the role for when he did. He was an edgier, serious Doctor that held just enough playfulness to keep from being a downer. Deep down, though, you could tell he was a tortured soul that had seen a lot. Just how much would sadly not be answered until after his departure.

Also, being someone with an accent that is generally perceived as “intellectually inferior”, I can earnestly sympahise with his opinions on accent and intellect. Most folks forget that many of the men responsible for the Apollo missions spoke with a drawl and a twang.

Asked about his controversial departure from the programme, he told Radio Times: ‘I wanted to move him away from RP [received pronunciation] for the first time because we shouldn’t make a correlation between intellect and accent, although that still needs addressing.

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Happy TARDIS Day!

Ecclectic Method did a phenomenal megamix for the 50th anniversary last year! Enjoy it in all its splendor!

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David Tennant Explains “Doctor Who” To David Letterman

Appearing on The Late Show to promote the US adaptation of BBC’s Broadchurch, David asks David an extremely loaded question:

For godsakes, what do they know you from!?

Craig Ferguson Talks Doctor Who With David Tennant

Who’s TARDIS is that!?

The 8th Doctor is so 90s cool

The 8th Doctor is so 90s cool.