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The 8-Bit Guy Soundtrack Unbox & Review

The 8-Bit Guy soundtrack is a great collection of electronic tracks in various styles from both amateur and seasoned professional composers! In this video, I’ll go over my first impressions and review a few of my favorite tracks.

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1996 Video game ads

1996 was an interesting year in the history of gaming. DOS was still the king of PC gaming while Microsoft was pushing Windows 95 compatibility (anyone remember the “Game Reboot to MS-DOS” shortcut?). Cartridges were singing their swan song with the N64, Sony was yelling that we were “not ready” for their (technically inferior) Playstation, and Sega…. Poor, poor Sega.

Sony Playstation was starting to rule but Sega and Nintendo would not go down without a fight… well one of them did…

Source: 1996 Video game ads