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Facebook Employees Asked Mark Zuckerberg If They Should Try to Stop a Donald Trump Presidency 

Another reminder: Facebook is not an open forum. Facebook actively monitors, adjusts, and (possibly) censors your Timeline as they see fit. Your information, likes, wants, and interests are goods to be traded without your benefit. There is a distinction between a social network where the information is disseminated in a bottom-up fashion and a newspaper where information comes from top-down. This distinction can (and does) affect the perception of the network’s users (the “Echo Chamber” effect), so, despite the politics implied, morality and ethicality dictate that Facebook should leave the Timeline meddling to certified Gallifreyans–even when politics are (not) involved.

This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared to publicly denounce the political positions of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign during the keynote speech of the company’s annual F8 developer conference.

Source: Facebook Employees Asked Mark Zuckerberg If They Should Try to Stop a Donald Trump Presidency 

Instagram Hates The Internet

I have long spoken and written about the problems with the “walled garden” approach of social media companies. The danger lies in depending on a single platform that you do not own, and relinquishing ownership of your materials to the platform for the financial gain of its owners. Take control, folks! Own your data! Keep an eye on this space for more projects aimed at democratizing social media. My goal is that, with a minimum of effort and learning, you too can claim your own space much like we had back in the heyday of the personal web site.

This was the business model of Compuserve. And AOL. And then a little thing called The Internet got popular for a minute in the mid 1990s, and that plan suddenly didn’t work out so well for those captains of industry.

Source: jwz: Instagram Hates The Internet

Early Facebook Commercial (1995)

Call now and get 10 free hours to try The Face Book!

What About Me: An Infographic (October 2012)

What About Me: An Infographic (September 2012)

Starting to collect some interesting data from these infographics generated by Intel, here is number 4 in the series:

Special Report: Who’s Making Me Feel Bad on Facebook?

Pro tip: If you get mad about Facebook posts, then stop looking at Facebook all the time!

What About Me: An Infographic (August 2012)

Here is the third installment in what is, definitively, a series. I’ll do these as long as the website is available, then start extrapolating some information after I have at least a year’s worth (or as many as I can manage).

What About Me: An Infographic (July 2012)

I did one of these courtesy of Intel last month, and thought it might be interesting to compare and contrast how things have changed over the course of a month.  I think I’ll continue to monitor these data as long as the site hosting the app stays alive.

What About Me: An Infographic (June 2012)


Could it possibly be that I’ve succumb to the social media craze du jour that is Twitter?


It would seem that Twitter is a little more than an–excuse the expression–fly-by-night social media site.  Yeah, it’s been around for a while now and everybody and their sibling, cousin, and grandparent uses it, so I figured I should get in on the act.  At least as far as the blogging goes.  Simply put, I’m giving it a trial run.  Now that everything has become so intertwined (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.), it’s easy for me to update one on the run via the good ol’ Tweet.

So here’s the plan:

WordPress already updates Facebook with new blog posts, so Twitter updates will go directly into WordPress.  Granted, this may mean that WordPress will show some odd musings in 149 characters or less, but I think being off-topic and random is more in line with the spirit of this blog.  At least, it’s more in line with my character.

Let me know what you think.