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The 1989 Mercury Sable

Where do you go for great deals on the new ’89 Mercurys (Mercuries)?

Spartan Lincoln-Mercury: “Don Jackson Talks About Honesty” (circa 1988)

The owner of an Atlanta-area Lincoln-Mercury dealership, talks about his business philosophy from the comfort of his favorite chair.

Ford: “Japanese Import” (circa 1988)

There’s a new import in town, the Ford Taurus.

Chuck Clancy Ford commercials (late 1980s-early 1990s)

Hey Folks, it’s Chuck Clancy of Chuck Clancy Ford!

Chuck Clancy of Chuck Clancy Ford extolls the virtues of shopping for a new or used car at his Cobb County dealership. He’s been telling us for YEARS how he’ll beat anybody’s advertised prices!

Hundreds of new and used cars about a mile south of the Big Chicken!

Beaudry Ford: “Taking Atlanta By Storm” (circa 1992)

You never see commercials like these any more, advertising cars that are upwards of 5 years old at the time of airing! Once upon a time, we used to consider frugality to be a virtue, and you would see commercials for local dealerships advertising their USED car stock instead of corporate brands advertising their NEW lease options.