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August Photo-A-Day Challenge (2012)

This is the end result of a Twitter photography project I undertook during August this year. The task was simple: each day, take one photo that fits the theme with a mobile phone and upload it to Twitter. Simple, but daunting. It was a task in and of itself to remember the project and find suitable subjects for each photo. Regardless, I finished the requisite 31 photos and compiled them into a collage that fits the month’s calendar.

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Senators Want to “Blow ISIS Out of the Water” with “Fancy Memes”

Because Congress and Hollywood both know to leverage the power of the Internet </sarcasm>

Lawmakers despairing over the Islamic State’s success in recruiting on social media proposed that the U.S. government create more viral memes, possibly with Hollywood’s help.

Source: Senators Want to “Blow ISIS Out of the Water” with “Fancy Memes” – The Intercept

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