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Big Cable’s Sledgehammer Is Coming Down

Get ready to go back to the old days of metered Internet if Big Cable and Big Telco have their way. How about some throwback AOL-style junk mail clogging your postbox?

“Comcast-exclusive deal for new subscribers: Get 500 hours free!”

Why usage-based billing is a threat to the open internet, and what can be done to stop it

Source: Big Cable’s Sledgehammer Is Coming Down — Backchannel — Medium

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A web with no links? Save The Link

This already tried to pass in Europe. It almost won. Don’t say it can’t happen.

Imagine a world without links. That’s what you’re in for if Big Media lobbyists get their way. Help us save our right to link at http://SaveTheLink.org

Source: A web with no links? Save The Link

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It’s The Final Countdown

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A New Net-Neutrality Battle Brews Over…Text Messages

When Verizon pulled the plug on Gene Lew’s company, it gave no warning. At first, Lew thought some sort of router had crashed inside the network. “It wasn’t until we did a lot of digging,” Lew says, “we found out that someone turned the switch off.”

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All Hell Breaks Loose On Ted Cruz’s FB Page As Conservatives Go On The Attack

While I’m not a fan of the partisan tone of the publication, it’s great to note when we can come together in solidarity against a blithering idiot. While I know that the responses featured are cherry-picked, it gives me great hope to know that there are some decent, right-thinking people out there that don’t blindly follow the “party line”.

I know that we on the left are used to lashing out at the Tea Party and Ted Cruzes in our country, but when even his own team is calling him out, it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for this nation.

(via Liberals Unite)

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President Obama’s Statement On Keeping The Internet Open And Free

Update: “My Plan for a Free and Open Internet

The Oatmeal: “Dear Sen. Ted Cruz, I’m Going To Explain To You How Net Neutrality ACTUALLY Works”

Once again, Oatie knocks it out of the park.

CREDIT: Matthew Inman/The Oatmeal

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Free Mobile Data Plans Are Going to Crush the Startup Economy

TL,DR: These new plans are being billed as innovative and democratising, but they are exactly the opposite. They will undermine innovation and expression while reverting is to the hell that is a top-down content structure (think cable tv and it’s innumerable flaws)

The deal sounds great: Stream unlimited music without any data charges. The offer from T-Mobile includes popular services such as Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora. These apps will no longer count against your data plan, the company announced recently, no matter how much you stream across its 4G LTE network.

Source: Free Mobile Data Plans Are Going to Crush the Startup Economy | WIRED

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Net neutrality: What it is, and why you should care

Do you like the internet? Do you enjoy being able to freely use the internet? You only have a couple more days to make your voice heard.


Net Neutrality in a way we can all understand it, thanks to Michael Goodwin of Economix Comix.

Source: Net neutrality: What it is, and why you should care – Boing Boing

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality

This is, hands-down, the single best explanation of Net Neutrality (or as I shall now call it “Preventing Cable Company F**kery”) and why it’s important that I have seen so far. Please watch and say something. Not to me, but to the FCC. www.FCC.gov/comments

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