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The Modern Excalibur

Author’s Note:  I wrote this as an assignment for a World Literature class in high school.  My reason to revisit it now are two-fold: 1) I’ve been on a King Arthur kick as of late since reading The Sword In The Stone and 2) It’s 0130 and I haven’t come up with much today on my day off.  Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

Lo! Behold and look upon
Ye Squires and Masters abound,
‘Tis the brand Excalibur
Stricken to this holy ground.

The Lady of the Lake
Doth charge upon my brow,
To seek upon King Arthur’s face
Into the here and now.

I must seek to recreate
The noble knights of lore,
To strike down evil menacing
Upon a new-found shore.

Upon a cable steed we ride
In armour made of light,
We do it all but for one cause:
To conquer Might with Right.

Oh, the days of lore are gone
We know this all be true,
But Excalibur is the legacy
And this, I impart on you.


I am me.

I am not like you.


I am different.

I dress different from you.

I act different from you.

I talk differently than you do.


I am not rich.

I am not poor.

I am not friendless.

My bonds are loyal.


I seek not wealth.

I seek not power.

I seek not fame.

I seek only knowledge and understanding.


My personal affairs are personal.


I am not evil.

I am not pure.

I am, however, righteous in my causes.


I do not hide behind the faceless mass.

I like to stand out.

I know when to blend in.


I am benevolent.

I am aggressive.

I fight for that which I believe is right.


Mankind is my family.

Nature is my mother and my father.

That which harms either is my only enemy.


I am free.

I am me.

I am.