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Soldering Supercut: The RC2014 Homebrew Z80 Computer Kit (Long Play)

Assembling and soldering Grant Searle’s Z80 homebrew computer kit, the RC2014. This is a long-play video with no commentary. just some groovy tunes by the one-and-only Anders Enger Jensen. Sit back, grab a beverage, and chill to the vibes.

Watch the fully annotated video on element14: LINK
Check out more of Anders’s music here: https://www.youtube.com/user/HariboOSX

How To Install TFT LCD Screens on Raspberry Pi

n this video, we’ll walk through how to install a TFT LCD screen on on a Raspberry Pi for small form factor or portable projects. This screen will form part of the head-mounted display for Project Xyberpunk on element14 Presents.

Watch the complete Project Xyberpunk series at element14.com

Xybernaut MAIV Main Body Teardown

As part of Project Xyberpunk for element14 Presents, I needed to teardown the Xybernaut MAIV wearable computer. In this video, I’ll take the Xybernaut MAIV teardown to green boards to find out what kind of processor runs the Xybernaut MAIV as well as determine what other hardware is present inside it.

Watch the complete Project Xyberpunk series at element14.com