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Summer of 100 Photos, Day 76: Something that annoys you


There is this amazing little piece of technology–standard now on every car–that indicates to other drivers your intent to change lanes or otherwise deviate from your present course. You might have seen this small lever on the steering column and wondered why it makes blinky arrows appear on the instrument panel when you actuate it. The blinky arrows correspond to blinky lights on your car that indicate your intentions to other motorists! You would do well to remember to use them!

Southbound On I-5 Blues

So I wrote a song one afternoon while driving through Orange County. Unfortunately, I lost the other recording I made. This will have to do. With my sincerest apologies to Jerry Reed:

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TSA: Grope & Pillage (An Infographic)

I have long been a critic of the Transportation Security Administration and its parent Department of Homeland Security since their inception following the attacks on September 11, 2001. That is not to say that I don’t think that we should have security at our airports, but that we should have more commonsense policies that don’t rely on a strategy of general harassment and exploitation of the flying public. The TSA strategy is generally reactive (please remove your shoes because that one guy tried to make them a bomb) and encumbered by bureaucracy. This sort of thing has led to labour slowdowns, periodic line freezes, and other general annoyances that do nothing to hinder terrorism while doing everything to annoy and patronise the flying public. In a way, the TSA simply proves that the terrorists won.

TSA: A Portrait of Inefficiency, Ineptitude, and Waste.
TSA Waste
This pretty much says all.