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30 Day Song Challenge, Day 7: A song to drive to

I did have a fairly cliched track chosen for this one, but as I started to write this piece, I drastically changed my mind.

In reality, you could probably pick any track by Daft Punk, but I’ve always liked this remix (as well as the original). What’s not to love about driving with this one? There’s a good beat, zippy flourishes, and it’s about The Grid and how information can be abstracted into vehicles on freeways. Man, oh, man, that when the full orchestra hits…!

End of line.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 5: A song that needs to be played loud

It’s, by far, the worst video on MTV, but the track is amazing.

Who doesn’t love Tron? Of course, I would say Journey’s “Separate Ways” is probably more associated with that scene in Tron Legacy where young Sam Flynn turns the power on at his dad’s old arcade, accelerating the whole place to life with the pounding cadence of Neal Schon and Steve Smith’s famous riff. Of course, the track served as the opening theme of Disney California Adventure Park’s “ElecTRONica” night parties as well. This cut from 1983’s Frontiers still conjures images of cage-dancing programs, neon martinis, and 25-cent arcade games as well as warm summer nights on empty freeways with the top down and the stereo blaring.

What on earth was the director of this video thinking? A keyboard awkwardly placed on a corrugated wall? Let’s just splice in footage from old video games and the Tron movies….

Oh, yes, programs. This is happening.

“Power Surge” (Preliminary)

Well, I was going to post a teaser for a new video project I’m working on, but YouTube doesn’t like the music I used, so I’m left without anything interesting to show for my next ambitious endeavour.  If you’ve been to Disney’s ElecTRONica dance party either at California Adventure or Hollywood Studios, you might be familiar with the Power Surge stage show before the official opening of the party.  I’m at present working on recreating a version of the show to enjoy at home.  More details as they come, but for now, please enjoy my other offerings at my YouTube channel!

“Do you have to dress like that every time we play frisbee?!”

@TronLegacy @TRONUpdates @billamend Found this old #FoxTrot comic while cleaning house. Love it!


My name is TRON. I fight for the Users.

My name is TRON. I fight for the Users.

You know, if the movie starred Ricardo Montalban and William Shatner, it would’ve been called “TROOOOOOON!!!”

You know, if the movie starred Ricardo Montalban and William Shatner, it would’ve been called “TROOOOOOON!!!”