Takin’ Care of Business

So, today has pretty-well been a day of setting the world right-side-up as 2008 has gone. My biggest issue at this point is getting back in school. This is the last weekend of winter break, and, as such, I’ll be leaving all the comforts of civilisation to return to Cochran and “real life” early next week. The situation has been rather complicated as there were some miscommunications that caused my flight account to be over-drafted $739. Registration has been held pending the payment of the past-due amount, and that has caused its own set of headaches. Well, the money is in-hand, and, according to reliable sources, my pre-registration schedule still stands. Lesson to any college students: make friends with an advisor in your department. All that remains is to pay it forward and show up to class on Wednesday. More to come as I make the transition back down–right now, it’s all part of the waiting game.

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