Movie Inspired Beers

What was it that Yogurt said? “Moichandising! That’s the ticket to success!” Something like that, anyway!

May the licenses be with you!

Oh, no! My Nintendo broke!

Someone Is Photobombing My Video Shoot

This inverted poop emoji totally looks like Mr. Glitch from Square One TV

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who sees it.

Another One Of Those Silly Political Alignment Tests

This one, though, seems to be a little more thorough than the overly simplistic “World’s Smallest Political Quiz”

Source: 8values Results

August Photo-A-Day Challenge (2012)

This is the end result of a Twitter photography project I undertook during August this year. The task was simple: each day, take one photo that fits the theme with a mobile phone and upload it to Twitter. Simple, but daunting. It was a task in and of itself to remember the project and find suitable subjects for each photo. Regardless, I finished the requisite 31 photos and compiled them into a collage that fits the month’s calendar.

af9j6j af9jpq afq853 afxwrz agfayh aglmcy ah4680 ahhlpq ahst9k aj2fhf ajglng ajv8xm akafae ambfag amxp9q amxppg amxq1q amxqjb amxra5 an04xc anhhcj aphrab aphs20 aphuzx aphvqu arxrv1

Steampunk Top Gear

I think people have lost the idea of what “steampunk” really is.  In a later number, I will delve into this with gusto.  For now, though, I bring you Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson shoveling coal.