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Useful Kodi Add-Ons

Here’s a quick list of several useful Kodi add-ons to round-out a new installation:

  • Kodi Backup does exactly what the name implies by allowing automatic and on-demand backups of all databases, playlists, thumbnails, add-ons, and other configuration settings. Backups can be made to any connected media or to Dropbox. Make sure that you get the correct version for your installation. 13.2 and earlier versions (XBMC) will need to use the XBMC Backup add-on instead.
  • Artist Slideshow and Artist Slideshow Helper work together to download and manage extra artwork and metadata from various sources.
  • Artwork Organizer sorts downloaded artwork into separate folders based on type (thumbnail or fanart).
  • CdART Manager downloads album artwork for your music collection.
  • RSS Editor allows you to edit the RSS feeds that appear in the ticker at the bottom of the home screen. Go to Settings>Appearance>Skin to edit the feed addresses.
  • TvTunes is a fun add-on that allows you to download MP3s of show themes that play as you browse through the “TV Shows” section of your library.
  • YouTube adds functionality with the popular video sharing website.
  • Yahoo! Weather scrapes weather reports and forecasts viewable in the “Weather” section of Kodi.

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