Virtual Geographic League Passport

The Virtual Geographic League was founded by Alexander Graham Bell and Nicola Tesla on July 23, 1897. Comprised of both explorers and scientists, this secret organization is responsible for the discovery and exploration of other dimensions.


If you were ever an avid player of Battletech or MechWarrior, you probably remember the Virtual Geographic League–a fictional league of players spread across the wilderness of BBS and proto-websites that was the Old Web.  The VGL was incorporated into Battletech Centers across the country where up to eight players could pilot their choice of mecha in no-holds-barred deathmatch combat.  Now, thanks to the magic of the Internet (and some borderline disposophobia on my part), you can have your very own VGL passport like the ones given out at Battletech Centers so many years ago.  Enjoy!

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One thought on “Virtual Geographic League Passport”

  1. Virtual Geographic League Underground at Grand Rapids Michigan claims to be a “secret” and “Private” place. Judging from the lack of activity, it is a shame to see how badly the Michigan ego destroyed this wonderful set of simulators. All other centers have appeared to dis-associated from the Michigan group.

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