Declaring War On Christmas

You know what? Let’s do it. Let’s declare war on Christmas. Let’s take up arms against this bloated, exhausting, consumerist nightmare. The end of the year is starting to look like the last thirty minutes of Akira. Christmas is the aggressor here, and Christmas must be stopped.

Kelly Faircloth has a terrific rant posted on Jezebel about the overzealous commercialisation of Christmas and how it has annexed more and more of the calendar. Despite the so-called “War on Christmas,” the winter holiday season (yes, Virginia, there is more than one winter holiday) has extended its natural boundary of Black Friday (also a term derived of commercial jargon) and spilled well into October, prompting a backlash in popular culture.

Before the hate starts spewing from the religious set, I am not talking about the religious observation of Christ’s Mass (the birth of the Christ child and the “true” intent of the holiday). I am referring to the secular observation of Christmas: the holiday marking the winter solstice with decorated evergreens and Jolly Old Santa Claus. This Christmas has overstepped its bounds, stealing the idiomatic thunder from Thanksgiving, and positioning itself to annex Halloween. This is the over-commercialised Christmas that must be stopped in its tracks!

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