Who were your 3 great loves?

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In order to better illustrate the relationships I had with these women and to protect the names from the public at large, I am going to change their names to characters from Battlestar Galactica (2004).

First, there’s Starbuck (to my Apollo). We met and quickly developed an attraction for each other through common interests, and soon started dating. We were inseparable; she was welcomed into my group of friends as I was into hers, and there was always something exciting to do. That relationship lasted for two years until she broke up with me as I was finishing high school. Our lives went in two completely different directions after that, and, because I was so hurt (she was my first love, after all), I didn’t speak to her again for seven years. Once we reconnected, things were like nothing had ever happened. We were best friends again–wingmen to the end.

Boomer (to my Tirol) is not such a happy story. I met her at KSU and our relationship developed as close friends. Intimate details aside, we were best friends who happened to have sex (good sex) on a regular basis. We ended up living together for several months and the romantic part grew from there. This, honestly, was set in my mind as the ideal relationship–best friends who had sex and developed a deep and profound love for each other. At least, that’s what I expected the ideal to be. We were together for five years, and, in that time, we both grew and matured together. I finally found my direction, got into flight school, and was beginning to get my life on track. All was going extremely well until February of 2008 when the school I was at shut down, throwing my life into a tailspin. In an effort to recoup my losses, I moved to school here in Cochran. She, meanwhile, decided to persue “other interested parties.” Like her namesake, she unapologetically betrayed those who loved her most and reeled at any efforts to help her repair the situation.

Finally, Six (to my Baltar) is a strange flux. We had a whirlwind romance that blossomed from a great friendship, and everything was amazing. Amazing affinity, amazing fun, amazing sex. We could banter for hours as well as simply enjoy being around each other. We had a connection on the physical level and the spiritual level–like we had known each other intimately for years. We held the same beliefs and values, but we could also argue the finer points of more trivial matters. The problem here is that there were other forces at work. Career and familial obligations kept her busy on weekends and academic obligations kept us both busy during the week. Eventually, our romance succumbed to our own ambitions, and we (begrudgingly) parted as friends. Six marks the first time I have attempted to stay in close contact immediately after a breakup, and it has proved to be difficult.

There are others that may have qualified as “Great Loves,” but they were not so much game-changing as these three were. They–whether we dated or not–have remained close friends, and I cherish my experiences with them. They also know who they are.

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