Why did you decide to become a pilot?

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Seriously, why not? But, there’s actually several things I attribute to my career choice:

First, I blame my aunt and uncle who were in the Air Force and babysat me a lot when I was young. Many days’ errands included going to the Base for some reason or other. Check my Facebook pictures for one of me sitting in the cockpit of an F-16 (may have been an F-15, not sure). It also happened that I lived very near Dobbins ARB (and, coincidentally, directly under the approach path for runway 29), so I got an air show nearly every single day.

I loved looking up at the planes and helicopters as they flew over–even going so far as ignoring my duties as a left-fielder in little league. Unfortunately, dreams of flying were dashed in first grade when I got glasses and everyone around me started the song-and-dance of “You can’t fly, they don’t let people with glasses fly” and I was stupid enough to believe them.

In 2006, a buddy of mine told me about a new school opening at McCollum airport that was training helicopter pilots, so I checked it out. That was the first time anyone had ever told me that I was going to be able to fly professionally, and the rest is history….

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